Sailor Moon S - Episode 110

chevalier-de-la-lune asked: “ "I...I didn't actually think you'd do it. You traitorous fuck." ”

Who would have thought that a mutual interest in classic cars would have created such a nice friendship. Haruka had forgotten what it was like to bond with someone who wasn’t Michiru. Alex was a man, but he was smart and kind enough to win a nice companionship from her. When it was he who was targeted next, Haruka immediately opted to do it alone. She didn’t expect the curse but at the same time, Haruka couldn’t help an eerie smile at the prospect of this line of work becoming easier. It used to make her physically ill, but now it only made her smile in horrible thought to finally get what was coming to her after all this was said and done.

…At least that left Alex to go into the dirt without too much wait.

"In your next life, wait in line. Then come and teach me a fucking lesson of a "loyal" knight." She would give him that promise and only that.

And with that, her sword was removed and Uranus waited for the heart crystal to leave his body.

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We had to protect it from a distance, like mothers, as we heard the final cry of the collapse of the Silver Millennium. Back then, what we carried - the talisman weapons that were given to each of the outer solar system guardians - we saw them resonate together like never before.

[More reason for headcanon that Outers basically watched the entire destruction of everything.]

*knows “blood” moon will mess with insomnia so just plans to stay up anyway*