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—“Slicked hair, habit of kicking doors in, real hard ass and makes the most obnoxious aces….y-yeah, I know him.” Unfortunately.


—” Gomennasai! I thought he’d stop doing stupid stuff like that. He was going around kicking everyone’s doors in for no reason days ago.”

"N-No, you don’t have to apologize for the likes of him, Mako-chan…"

It’d be easier to just vent out the frustration but Haruka couldn’t deny that even Makoto apologizing for him hit some soft part in heart. Jeez she hated that.

"Fine, he’d just better fix it before Michiru finds out. She’s already in a foul mood since Hotaru broke one of her nice plates while playing. And I get in trouble for it!"


Has the disguise slapped right off of his face!


"Okay, you saw through my ruse. I’ll give you that. Still, I am not Yusuke."


"I am his evil brother—"


"Yosuke! I am evil! Therefore I can not pay for your door. Goodbye!"

"And I never said that I’m ‘good’. Make sure you give a message to your ‘brother’ then."

Grabs by his collar.

"My door gets fixed. In a week."

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themosttalented asked: “ "I'm surprised Haruka-san didn't just kick your ass for kicking 'yet' another door in and hers at that." ”

"Unfortunately the little brat caught me on a good day. Wait, he’s a friend of yours?"



"Yusuke? I’m terribly sorry, but I do not know a Yusuke. He sounds like a good guy though. If you find him, give him my regards, okay? Until then, I’ll catch you around some other time."


"Kids these days."

“‘Some other time’…huh?”


*slaps crappy disguise off*

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"Sorry, couldn’t resist." Haruka said before removing her hands completely from Usagi’s face.

"Oi! Here’s your reminder: fix my door! Don’t think I forgot who you are, Yusuke Urameshi. That’s the payment for those piano lessons."

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Do I gotta knock some heads? Just say the word and I’m on it, Senpai

As much as I want to knock them myself (or have a sweet senpai/kohai showdown), that’s okay. In the end, they are the ones who are childish and I refuse to lower myself to that level.

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D: that’s terrible to here. i’m so sorry *sends love*

*returns love in spades* <3