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SMC Episode 2 Icon Pack, Part 1 (50)


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Act 2 - Ami - Sailor Mercury


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Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy it this year and I did believe it or not. Let’s just say it’s been a hard year, ne? I wasn’t sure if I’d get here for sometime.

I’m thankful for the friends I’ve made, new and old, and will make just because of a common love of roleplaying. I’m thankful for Tumblr in general for being this great way to connect with people you might never meet in the world.

Just…thank you. And cheers. See ya at 23, yeah?

M!A Insane!Haruka - One week

All these interactions will be AU

Insane, Part 10 *final*

For every “✖” I get, my Muse’s “Darkening Meter” will rise by 10%, driving them more and more insane!


Whoever found Haruka in her garage would find a curious sight. The racer was on the floor again, this time with her legs outstretched in angles that pointed in different directions. Her head was lowered and her bangs covered her eyes while her mouth formed whispers of sentences that an ordinary ear couldn’t quite understand.

It would seem like she was talking in her sleep.

Eventually someone would be bold enough to try to disturb her, perhaps a nudge to the shoulder or even a light kick to the knee to rouse her. There would be no response.

Finally her name would be yelled out in pleas to pay attention, snap out of it, reply back, and it would all be given the same reaction: laughter.

It was cruel. And she loved it.

When Haruka finally did stand, she did it of her own terms and let the truth of her actions ring out behind golden eyes. Without transforming, she would attack whoever was in the room and leave calmly as if nothing ever happened. She felt strong as the truth coursed her veins and gave her power.

Her lip rod remained on the garage floor, cracked and bloody.

[M!A!Insane Haruka - 1 week.]

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For every “✖” I get, my Muse’s “Darkening Meter” will rise by 10%, driving them more and more insane!


One more!

Both hands gripped the hilt of her sword until all of the blood was forced out, showing stark white skin. Haruka kept looking from her opponent back to the mirror and wondering just what this all meant. Every time she thought against it, the headache would return with a fiery passion. Slowly accepting what she was seeing as truth would give her that tingling sensation of relief against it.

It felt good to accept what was there.

Only one person reached out to touch the reflection, and only one recoiled as eyes continued to dart back and forth from what she was seeing and what couldn’t have been real.

The mirror revealed one person.

Listen to yourself. Only yourself. No one else.

Haruka sighed and placed both hands on the mirror. She was only talking to herself. No one else was there. This was her conscience, her true self talking. And it was true; Haruka wanted her life back more than anything.

Living and dying for a cause not her own…why did she have to be pulled into it? They did nothing but pluck her from her sky, rip her wings from her back, and set her on the ground to live a life that was convenient to them. Why not have her own choice?

Why not take their choice away from them?

The headache disappeared, leaving a raise in euphoric feelings that nearly made Haruka moan. Stronger. Better.